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Stories from Iran: A Chicago Anthology
What's Sauce for the Goose ...
Abji Khanom
The Snake Stone
The Wooden Horse
The Gravediggers
The Half-Closed Eye
Esmat's Journey
The American Husband
The Little Native Boy
Through the Veil of Fog
Glorious Day
Moths in the Night
The Cast
Adolescence and the Hill
Mr. Hemayat
The Two Brothers
Mourners of Bayal
Sacred Keepsake
The Trench and the Empty Canteens
The Wolf
The Portrait of an Innocent
The Discreet & Obvious Charms of the Petite Bourgeoisie
Aziz Aqa's Gold Filling
Brother's Future Family
The Smell of Lemon Peel, the Smell of Fresh Milk
Hard Luck
Night Journey
The Sad Brothers
Trial Offers
The Long Night
Narcissus, Get Your Nice Narcissus
The Mirror
My Uncle Napoleon
The Little Black Fish and Other Modern Persian Stories
The Little Black Fish
24 Restless Hours
One Peach--A Thousand Peaches
The Little Sugar Beet Vendor
The Bald Pigeaon Keeper
When the Elephants Came
Modern Persian Short Stories
Seeking Absolution
The Carrousel
The Joyous Celebration
A Land Like Paradise
Teaching in a Pleasant Spring
The Snow, the Dogs, the Crows
Gowhartaj's Father
Agha Julu
Why do they go back?
The First Day in the Grave
The Warm South
Of Weariness
The End of the Passion Play
The Historic Tower
The Game Is Up
Fear and Trembling
First Story
Second Story
Third Story
Fourth Story
Fifth Story
Sixth Story
King of the Benighted
Daneshvar's Playhouse
Vakil Bazaar
The Accident
The Playhouse
Traitor's Intrigue
To Whom Can I Say Hello?
Loss of Jalal
A Letter to the Reader
Sutra and Other Stories
A City Like Paradise
Bibi Shahrbanu
Black Parrot, Green Crow: A Collection of Short Fiction
Behind the Thin Stalks of the Bamboo Screen
A Good Social Story
The Man with the Red Tie
My Little Prayer Room
Both Sides of the Coin
The Wolf
My China Doll
Portrait of an Innocent I
Portrait of an Innocent II
Portrait of an Innocent III
Portrait of an Innocent IV
What Has Happened to Us, Barbad?
My Nirvana
Green as a Parrot, Black as a Crow
Big Bang
Banoo'i, Anne and I
A Storyteller's Story
Let the Butterfly Go
The Palace of Samanbar

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