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Recently Published Books

Lean Againt this Late Hour Cover Image

I'll Be Strong for You

“An award-winning debut novel that examines the restrictions of family ties, the thrill and agony of emigration, and the resilience of female friendship in Tehran. Three recent college graduates in Tehran struggle to find their footing as they enter adulthood. Roja, the most daring of the three, works in an architecture firm and is determined to leave Tehran for graduate school in Toulouse. Shabaneh, who is devoted to her disabled brother, is uncertain about marrying an increasingly assertive colleague, as it would mean leaving her brother behind. Leyla, who was unwilling to follow her husband abroad because of her commitment to her career as a journalist, is racked with regret. . . .”

Nasim Marashi
Poupeh Missaghi
Astra Books
Publication Date
April 6, 2021


Lean Againt this Late Hour Cover Image

Lean Against This Late Hour

“The first selection of poems by renowned Iranian poet Garous Abdolmalekian to appear in English, this collection is a mesmerizing, disorienting descent into the trauma of loss and its aftermath. In spare lines, Abdolmalekian conjures surreal, cinematic images that pan wide as deftly as they narrow into intimate focus. Time is a thread come unspooled: pain arrives before the wound, and the dead wait for sunrise. . . .”

Garous Abdolmalekian
Ahmad Nadalizadeh
Idra Novey
Penguin Books
Publication Date
April 14, 2020
High Tide of the Eyes Cover Image

High Tide of The Eyes

“The hermit-poet of modern Persian literature, Bijan Elahi (1945–2010) was a modernist poet, a prolific translator of Eliot, Rimbaud, Michaux, Hölderlin, and the founder of Other Poetry, the leading avant-garde movement within Persian modernism. Elahi passed the last three decades of his life in seclusion in his house in Tehran. He stopped publishing poems and never appeared in public following his official retreat. However, a new generation of Iranian poets revived Elahi’s legacy as a poet and a translator as part of their search for new modes of expression and experimentation with language. High Tide of the Eyes translates Elahi’s most important poems, as gathered together in two posthumously published volumes, Vision (2014) and Youths (2015), into English. ‘High Tide of the Eyes’ will be the first to introduce a key voice in Persian literary modernism to an Anglophone audience.”

Bijan Elahi
Kayvan Tahmasebian
Rebecca Ruth Gould
The Operating System
Publication Date
Fall 2019
The Drowned Cover Image

The Drowned

“The Drowned is the translation of Moniro Ravanipour’s first novel, Ahl-e Gharq (1989), which brought her overnight nationwide recognition in Iran a decade after the tumultuous Islamic Revolution and a year after the devastating Iran-Iraq War. In general, in this novel, Ravanipour taps the rich culture of southwestern Iran, the region most affected by the destruction of the war, and more specifically, that of Jofreh, the village of her birth, and its inhabitants’ lives, customs, beliefs, superstitions, and struggles for survival.”

Moniro Ravanipour
M. R. Ghanoonparvar
Independently published
Publication Date
July 20, 2019

What is Persian, Translated?

Persian, Translated is a database. It catalogues English translations of Persian literature. It gives you the ability to search and sort the data to explore Persian literature in English translation.

فارسی، به انگلیسی چیست؟

بانک داده فارسی، به انگلیسی اطلاعات مربوط به آثار ادبی ترجمه شده از فارسی به انگلیسی را جمع‌آوری می‌کند. گرچه عمده مطالب این وب‌سایت به زبان انگلیسی است، در حال حاضر امکان جستجوی اسامی نویسندگان ایرانی به فارسی وجود دارد.

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I'll Perish

Written by Roja Chamankar

Translated by Blake Robert Atwood

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